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  • Your baby has just been circumcised. He will understandably be more irritable over the next few hours. He may whimper when passing water and need extra comforting.
  • Follow the aftercare instructions in the care package you were given After circumcision, the circumcision site will look red and raw. This is entirely normal and will settle over the next week or two. It is normal that there will be some reddish pink staining on the gauze and in the nappy. This is urine which has washed away some of the dried blood, and will get lighter .
  • With each nappy change. However, in the rare case that there is any fresh bleeding (usually dark, plum colored and sticky), please contact the Mohel straight away.
  • One hour after the Mohel left, please change the gauze of the baby and look for any fresh bleeding. Then change again an hour later. After each of these two checks, notify the Mohel that everything went alright. If something seems wrong, please contact the Mohel as soon as possible.
  • Over the circumcision site you can find a square of gauze. Please change this gauze every time you change your son. Smear a generous amount of Vaseline over the fresh gauze before putting it on to prevent sticking. If the gauze does get stuck, simply soak it with baby oil, wait a minute or so, and it will then come off easily. For the first 24 hours use two nappies, one on top of the other, for extra comfort. Handle him as normal, it won’t hurt. Do not touch or clean the circumcision site until the bath the next day!
  • From 24 hours after the circumcision you should bath your son every day. Make sure that the circumcision site is covered with water and soap. From now on put some Vaseline on the site with your finger instead of a gauze. Do this for two weeks.
  • Over the next few days, you may notice some creamy colored discharge (exudate) oozing from the raw area which might even stain the nappy. Do not worry, it is part of the normal healing process following this method of circumcision (which doesn’t involve stitching or suturing), and shouldn’t be confused with pus. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact the Mohel.
  • Please refrain from bathing or wetting the genital area until 24 hours after the Brith, after which you can bath him regularly (but be gentle with his penis, especially when drying him).

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