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What Our Clients Say

Testimonial #7

Bertus has done the brit of both of ours sons and I would recommend him to anyone. 
He has great technique and is very good at making the babies comfortable. He always reachable for any questions, provides good information about the proceedings before hand and provides excellent after care.

Libni Beck

Testimonial #6

Bertus is easily accessible from the first contact and clear in communication. He takes the time for the first visit, the brit and aftercare. There is always room to ask questions, share uncertainties or ask for explanations. Even weeks after the briet, this is not a problem. It is clear in advance which steps are taken during the briet. Bertus is calm and knowledgeable in the work he does. He gives you as parents the confidence in this, for us difficult mitzvah, and takes you along in the process. That is why we asked Bertus as Mohel again for our second son and we recommend him to our family and friends as Mohel.

Family Boeken

Testimonial #5

Bertus was the mohel of our son and did a great job. My child suffered from a bit of jaundice and therefore the brit mila was postponed a few times. Bertus always remained calm and explained every step to us. He visited us a few times before the brit to inform us and inspect our son. The brit itself was done very quickly which was nice for us parents but also for family and friends. After the Brit, Bertus gave us instructions for the aftercare and followed up with us the week after every day and came by our house as well to check our son. The brit was done very well as my son recovered very fast and did not seem to have much pain afterwards. We will definitely recommend Bertus to anyone!


Testimonial #2

We are so happy we chose Bertus Sondervan to be the Mohel of our son, Zevi. 
Bertus was always available to handle our concerns and questions throughout the day and night, always with a smile, and a kind word which made us feel more comfortable. He dealt with the baby very delicately and professionally, but with a confident attitude. 
If you are looking for a caring, confident, kind and professional Mohel, Bertus Sondervan is the one!

Ari Calek.

Testimonial #1

Nathan is a very grounded, hands-on mohel. Meaning he’s not only there for the ceremonial preparations/performing (of) the Bris, but also for practical advice concerning the baby’s care and health. My baby was yellowish for quite some time, so the Bris had to be delayed. In the meanwhile Nathan came by regularly to check up on the baby and to give us advice in getting rid of the yellowish appearance. During the Bris itself (speaking for my husband) Nathan was calm and professional. Also the aftercare, during which he responded to our questions or concerns, helped us get through the first few crucial days. Thank you!

Giselle Mulder

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